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Keratin Treatments

FAQs for Keratin Smoothing Treatments -a specially formulated complex that eliminates frizz and curl.

Q: Why does the Keratin Smoothing Treatment cost so much?


A: The keratin smoothing treatment a time consuming process that takes 2-3 hours. During that time your stylist will perform multiple steps to insure the best results. This treatment lasts for 4-6 months and will cut your styling time in half.


Q: How does the smoothing treatment work?


A: First the hair is clarified and blown dry to prep the hair for the keratin product. The product is applied and blown dry into the hair. The hair is then ironed straight and this causes the hair to form a new bond. The new bond creates strength, shine and a smoother appearance/texture.


Q: Will the smoothing treatment damage my hair?


A: on the contrary, this is a protein treatment designed to strengthen your hair and repair weak bonds. It helps protect hair from heat and leaves the hair smoother and more manageable.


Q: Will I be able to get my curl back?


A: Yes...This process reduces most curl by half. When the 4-6 months have passed, the hair will revert to its natural texture. This is not a chemical relaxer, but a progressive smoothing treatment. As you continue this process, each time the hair will show a better result than the time before.


Q: How should I prepare my hair for the treatment?


A: Preparation is not necessary, your stylist will take care of you start to finish.


Q: What do I need to know for care after my smoothing treatment?


A: You will need to keep the hair dry (ie no washing, rinsing or conditioning) for 3-4 days (minimum of 72 hours). During this time you also may not wear clips, hair bands/ponytails, hats, etc. When the 3-4 days are complete you must shampoo and condition with the salon recommended products, as other products may strip the complex from the hair.


Q: What is the cost of the follow-up treatment?


A: The cost is the same as the initial service. The process is repeated exactly the same way each time, start to finish.


Q: Can my hair be colored after the treatment?


A: This treatment allows the flexibility of having hair color done before or after. We do recommend doing color prior to the smoothing treatment, as that will seal the color in the cuticle. Your color and smoothing treatment can all be done in the same (long) visit.

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